About Lienhard

Since 1966, the Lienhard School of Nursing has been preparing generations of nurses to meet the ever-changing challenges of healthcare. Though the field and our curriculum have evolved over the years, some things have remained constant: our top-notch programs and faculty, our commitment to excellence and scholarship, and also to Opportunitas.

Lienhard School of Nursing has demonstrated innovation and leadership throughout its history; we embrace change and are proud of it:

We have a long and rich history of educating nurses and preparing them to be health care professionals, educators, leaders and advocates. Our faculty, staff, students and alumni are made up of nurses who lead in the profession. They are on national boards, in key leadership roles in health care and nursing education, and members of prestigious nursing organizations.

Fifty years ago, there were far fewer baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs in the country. There were many more diploma programs that were housed in hospitals. The shift to higher education has been important, and the face of health care has dramatically changed, demanding new skill sets and the use of evidence to guide practice. Pace’s leadership role in nursing has been exemplary. Our faculty work hard to ensure that our graduates get the richest education possible, challenging them to heights they would never have thought possible.